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I had a darling little one in the studio last week, which meant that I was able to test out a few new props. I managed to get some crocheted props from Jessica at Emma and Maddie’s Treasures just in time to use them in the shoot, in combination with various baskets and flower pots that I’d picked up along the way.

Working with newborns is such an exciting challenge. Their world is so small at this early stage, making them desperate for the comfort and reassurance that comes from a warm body. It’s important to keep them soothed throughout the session and I’ve learned that alpaca wool is particularly good for this.

Alpaca wool - soft enough to put this little one to sleep

Babies are at their most pliable during their first week, so it’s great when new parents are able to get in to see me right away. Ideally, we can work with a sleeping baby, since their relaxed state makes them easier to pose and they remain blissfully unaware of what’s going on. If luck isn’t with us and the baby’s awake, then that’s not a problem – it just creates opportunities to show your little one looking at the camera.

If the baby is more than a week old, there are still plenty of options available, especially once they’ve started to be aware of the world around them. Stuck trying to figure out what you’d like in your photographs? Try the ever-popular hands and feet combination

A great way to remember just how small your little one really was

or have a little fun with it and go for just the feet!

A fun way to show all members of your family - even if someone's having a bad hair day

If you know of an expecting mother or new parents looking for newborn or infant photos, lead them in the direction of my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Moment.usPhotography) or website (www.momentusstudio.com), where they can take a look at what I’m about and get my contact details.