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The ‘to do’ list hasn’t gotten any shorter as this week has progressed – wedding photography bookings (exciting!); newborn portrait photography session (loved it!); confirming a Fall family portrait session (insanely exciting); packing; thinking about blogging and its purpose. My blog has been weighing heavily on my mind this week and a mental debate has been raging: post for the sake of posting (and risk putting the “blah” in “blog”)? do a business post? be honest and post about what’s most on my mind this week?

Posting what is on my mind won out because it’s pretty simple: in 10 hours’ time, I’ll be sitting in an airplane seat, heading off on three weeks’ vacation to see my husband, who I get to see every 6 weeks or so. I’m about this excited:

(forgive Rich for looking mildly possessed….)

This crazy living arrangement is one of the sacrifices we’ve made in order for me to pursue my business goals. Nope, it’s not ideal and nope, it’s not easy, but on days like today, when I’m so excited that I can hardly stand myself, it makes it all seem okay.

It’s not a vacation without my camera, so of course, there will be more travel and photos involved, so stay tuned for when I get back. 🙂