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October has been a busy month! While I work at increasing the speed of my
post-production processes, I thought I’d post a few photos that show why I
think autumn makes for a better season for photos than summer. The colours, the temperature (the only person working up a sweat was the photographer!), the light… It all combines to make for beautiful photographs and happy clients.

I’ve had more shoots this month than any other month so far and there has been a huge variety in the clientele, which has created some awesome opportunities for my professional growth. One of the aspects of outdoor shoots that I’m loving is when clients come to me with an idea of where they would like their shoot to take place or what they would like to have in the background. This month, the requests have given me a chance to take advantage of some of the Cornwall area’s more-beautiful-but-less-photographed sites.

One of my sessions this month was with a couple who recently decided that it was time to tie the knot. Having been together for many years, they found the idea of an ‘engagement session’ a little silly but, upon further discussion, realised they didn’t have any photos of just the two of them. So, the engagement session was on. We headed off to Cooper Marsh, a place that was filled more with significance than full fall colours (except for green and a beautiful gold), but that resulted in some stunning photos and a couple who are, as a result, far more comfortable with the idea of having their own ‘paparazzi’ on their wedding day.

Another of my shoots this month was for a family of 12 who decided to get together for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas. One of the Christmas elves organised an outdoor family portrait session for everyone and stipulated a need for pumpkins. Pumpkins, you say? How about pumpkins, fall mums, an orchard and some hay? Done.

Fortunately for me, I have worked with people with great senses of humour willing to make the shoot a little interesting. This month alone, I’ve seen yoga, interpretive dance, stick and grass ‘fights’ and Bond girl faces. I love it when clients are willing to get a little goofy during a shoot. It helps them relax, it shows a little personality, and you get some entertaining photos out of the deal, too.

Coming soon: my thoughts on the joys and challenges of infant photography (with some adorable Hallowe’en portraits just in time for the holiday).