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When I started this blog, I wrote a post titled “Getting What You Pay For”, in which I gave reasons as to why you should spend your money on a professional wedding photographer, rather than on a part-timer you found through Kijiji or a friend of second cousin Tom.

More recently, I wrote two posts, “Losing Your Memory 101” and “Losing Your Memory 102”, in which I explained the value of having a photographer put together a professional wedding album for you instead of getting a disc of images.

Now, I’d like to tell you a story about a woman who we’ll call “Shirley”. Now, Shirley, bless her, fell victim to not just the cheap part-timer, but she also fell victim to the good ol’ CD. Shirley hired a photographer who advertised her services in a somewhat professional manner and who had taken numerous wedding bookings, but was inexpensive. As part of the package, Shirley would receive a CD of the images from her wedding day. Contract signed, photographer booked, all is well in Shirley’s wedding-planning world.

Wedding day comes, photographer arrives, does the job, goes home, Shirley eagerly awaits news that the disc is ready. And…. nothing.

Fast forward two years, multiple phone calls, many tears, feelings of frustration that then turned to rage that then turned to despair and eventually to lost hope. Still nothing.

Another few months go by and the discs FINALLY appear. Awesome. Put the discs in the computer and… nothing. One is scratched; one won’t read. Shirley puts the discs away, buries her feelings, accepts defeat and moves on with her life.

Enter the brother and sister-in-law, who get the discs, get one to read on their home computer, get the other resurfaced (thank you GameTek!), and… discover that the resurfaced disc isn’t even Shirley’s wedding?! Un-be-lievable.

Stay tuned tomorrow for news on how Shirley’s photographer saga came to a close. But in the meantime, PLEASE think carefully about booking a budget photographer.