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This past weekend, I welcomed two families into the studio for a mini-session as part of a spontaneous Christmas project. With about an hour’s notice, we made plans so that everyone had time to shower, change and get to the studio for some family portraits and shots with cousins.

Family A arrived first – Dad, Daughter and Son came downstairs, checked things out, briefly discussed a couple of options and then got to work on their newfound modelling careers. Kids are in their teens and seem like genuinely awesome human beings, so the job was pretty darn simple.

Family B arrived mid-way through – Mom, Daughter and Son, who are relatives of mine and also genuinely awesome human beings. We knew that we were trying to get some shots of the four cousins together, so off we went. Well, off most of us went. Son B had some different ideas about how he was going to spend his morning and, with his crane in tow, gave me a fantastic reminder of how busy toddlers can be!

Lucky for everyone, he was in good humour and is too cute for words, so patience was never a problem for anyone – including those two awesome teenagers who handled the morning like a couple of pros. Here’s a few shots from their shoot together.

This photo still makes me laugh every time I see it
Check out the facial expression on the wee one!

Could have some fun in a caption contest with this one...

Won't be long before he doesn't need a stool to help him 'tackle' his sister!