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It’s snowing up a treat out there, which means that today is the perfect day to get to work on creating my wedding prop box.  This blog is going to be short on photos but long on hyperlinks to other sites that will serve you well when looking for interesting photo booth ideas.

I’ve noticed a big trend in wedding ‘photo booths’ and they always look like they’re so much fun and a great way to create memorable photographs, so I thought I’d do some research into props to find out what kind of options I’ve got. Turns out, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of people willing to make your glasses, moustaches, beards, bow ties or whatever else you’re after – for a price.

As always, Etsy is my go-to source for ideas, such as Props on Sticks (whose name pretty much says it all), The Manic Moose (whose name doesn’t say it all but DOES make me laugh), or Heathoriginal. There are so many industrious and creative individuals out there who, if you’re pressed for time, provide gorgeous options for you to choose from. Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re supporting a small biz (always a perk in my eyes!).

It also turns out that the materials for these projects aren’t exactly expensive. Being the cheap person that I am (with the irregular income that comes with starting a biz, being cheap kind of becomes a necessity), I thought that I might as well make them myself. It turns out that there are just as many sites willing to show you how to make these props yourself as there are people willing to make them for you. One particularly helpful site is Squidoo, which serves as a great search engine.

As my quest for moustache templates begin, I have discovered the ‘Easy Makes Me Happy’ blog, which provides a helpful template that you can download and Miss Fancy Pants’s blog which also offers up templates that can be saved. Tiffany Kelley Photography offers a great tutorial, in which she suggests the use of craft foam, unlike most other tutorials that suggest felt. As I go along, I’m learning that I’m not too bad a freehanding it, but I like the idea of having some base designs to start with, so I’m doing a little mix and match work on the template.

If, like me, you’re after some snazzy glasses, try Ruffled blog’s designs for a one page template with some simple designs that you can add some freehand flare to.

A couple other sites that I found helpful:

Sandy Anger Studios provides templates for a variety of photo props

The Pretty Blog has some great accessories.

One important thing to consider is how to store all of these little beauties. They’re only card stock, after all, so remember to proceed with care and caution.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make a monocle.

**Quick addition: I also just found these two great pages of glasses, lips and  moustaches on the Craftzee blog page. Woohoo!