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Back in October, I blogged about the challenges and triumphs of baby portraiture, which included several shots of a little darling by the name of Mila at the ripe old age of 10 days.

Earlier this week, Mila made a return visit to the studio, a day short of turning four months old. Mila was an absolute doll to photograph when she was a newborn – she came, she slept, she posed so well it warmed my heart for weeks (and yes, she may have been the source of inspiration for that other blog’s title, but that’s life with naked babies!) – so I was very excited to welcome her back.

We had a little bit of a rocky start, but once we realised that Mila had decided she was going to take this all in while lying on her back, she was full of smiles for her mom and I.

The tutu and headbands were made by Ann Symington from Little Miss Headbands.

Here’s a selection of shots from our session:

One of my personal favourites