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Okay, maybe Mika wasn’t talking about pregnant women when he wrote that song and the women I’m thinking of certainly aren’t ‘big’ in the sense he sang about, but the song sprang to mind this week as I ploughed through the edits for a couple of maternity sessions.

There’s something about maternity photo shoots that makes me smile in a way that is different from any other type of shoot that I do. As someone who has no plans to have children of her own, it’s certainly not “belly envy”, but perhaps it’s “belly admiration”. I have a great deal of appreciation for the women who come to see me, having made the decision to celebrate their temporary curves.

As I touched upon in an earlier post, a maternity shoot is about celebrating the mom-to-be, not the baby. It’s one of the few things that expectant women get to do that allows them an hour or two to feel completely and utterly gorgeous because the focus of the session is entirely on making that woman look her absolute best for that period of time – and then capturing it for the sake of memory. It’s a chance for her to think about what she loves most about her body right now, what she wants to highlight, how she can have fun with her figure as it is right now. It’s not about how adorable the baby is, how well he/she is sleeping/feeding/progressing. It’s just her. And maybe her partner. Perhaps that sounds a little selfish, but I don’t think so. Motherhood is about sacrificing, so why not indulge a little first?

Here are some shots from a couple of February shoots. I’ve been tempted to re-name the gallery “Hot Mamas” as a way of celebrating how incredible they look, but I’ll leave it to you to comment and make them feel great about themselves. 🙂