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With a smile like this, it's impossible not to love him!Those who know me or have followed the maternity blog posts, are probably aware that I was expecting the arrival of my nephew, ‘Cletus’ (the Fetus), in early March. Well, the appearance of his tiny little form made big waves in the family a little earlier than expected, which means that he got to star in his first photo shoot this week.

Cletus (known to the rest of the family as Shane, but I’m not telling him that) was 9 days old on his trip to the studio and did a stellar job of making sure we moved at his pace. 🙂

Here are some shots of my latest model…


ImageMy hope is that blog posts like these will make you stop to think about the value you place on photographs. Think about getting professional photos done. They’re only little once. Do it. Your photographer will make sure the images are worth every single penny.