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Last weekend, I got to spend the day with several little people who made my day.  Since I’m done processing the first of the shoots, I thought I’d share eight particular images (more can be seen in the Recent Projects album on my Facebook page).

This little man is, at 5 months of age, FULL of character and is just plain awesome. To make things even better, on the day of this shoot, he set a personal best for number of seconds spent sitting upright, which worked in everyone’s favour. He was also just plain full of facial expressions, which is why the shoot was a reminder as to why I take multiple shots of children in any particular setting. Hard to believe that these eight shots were taken within a matter of seconds… He changes looks so quickly!Whether you’re getting shots done professionally or taking photos around the home, it’s always worth taking extra shots of children (especially in the digital age – there’s no excuse!). Their faces are like rubber; one minute they’re smiling, the next they blink and that turns into an accidental – and very cute – wink, then they’re examining their toes with the kind of rapt attention normally reserved for teenage girls looking at glossy magazines. Equally likely to happen is that in one frame they blink, the next one they shriek like a banshee and the third you finally get a smile.

Either way, the extra frames are worthwhile because you’ve either got 3 images to smile at or you stuck with it long enough to get the shot you were looking for. And hey – no one says you have to keep all of them. But better to have and not want, than want and not have…