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That was the event description I was given when talking to Michelle and Pascale about their wedding plans. And what a party it was! Two brides; no dresses; rubber boots called for on the invitation dress code; a crowd of 200 there to watch as the girls paraded past in their boat on their way to the ceremony location; Memere’s birthday celebrations, complete with a solo on the “electric” guitar; a whole crowd kicking up their heels like a bunch of 5 year olds on the world’s largest sugar high; and even an appearance by “Tina Turner”. As the song goes, “oh what a night!”

Thanks to Mitch and Pascale for letting me share their spectacular day!

Hanging out by the pond with their niece and nephew

Old friends; quiet moments and plenty of goofing around – pretty much sums up the day!

What. A. Ceremony. !! (Complete with rubber boot-clad brides and Justice of the Peace)


A few shots from our time together post-ceremony

How did two supposedly normal people end up with so many crazy friends??