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Last month saw the wedding of one fantastic couple who I have been so excited to be able to work with. Heather and Rob got married on a beautiful (if slightly scorching hot) July afternoon and we had a great time keeping things local. With Heather being a Long Sault native, it was great to be able to get the engagement, wedding and post-ceremony shots all done within 2kms of her childhood home.

A great deal of thought was put into making their event a special one, including putting key words for use in “make us kiss” limericks on the back of the table names. One table of younger cousins got the DMB on the back of their card and, much to the shock of the wedding party, clearly didn’t know who the band was.

There were so many special moments throughout the day with these two and their incredible wedding party. From poorly chosen instructions (“Assume the position, boys!”), to the ignorance of youth (The Dave Matthews Band?? Really?! – see below for H&R’s reactions), and fun with The Moose, we had a riot for nearly a full 12 hours.

The only problem with having so much fun is that it makes choosing photos almost painfully difficult. Here’s a bunch of favourites – but if you haven’t hit the Facebook page, there’s already quite the selection there, so check them out too!