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You might not be able to tell by looking at this image, but five week old London joined me in the studio a couple of weeks ago and decided that he was NOT interested. He whimpered, he wailed, he wept. And yet, he was still one incredibly handsome little human being.

All babies cry; it’s one of many facts of life. Just because a baby cries, doesn’t mean that memorable images cannot be made. This little one needed lots of soothing to help him feel comfortable during the shoot – one of several reasons that I allow long stretches of time for infant sessions. The demands of this particular session meant that, for almost an entire session, I eschewed the props and blankets and instead got the privilege of focusing on London and his parents: how they interact with each other, and their relationship with him. And, as the session progressed, as I watched this couple swing, whisper, rock, cradle, walk, jiggle and soothe their young child, one thing became very clear: Shannon and Jack have an incredible bond with their son.