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I was recently treated to a session with this beautiful 6-day-new little one. Having had the pleasure of working with Julie and Ian during their maternity session, we lapsed back into a quiet, friendly routine when they returned with their new daughter.


The first time I met Ian and Julie, I couldn’t help but notice how much love there is in their lives. Naturally friendly and vibrant people, they were cuddly and full of laughter throughout their shoot. Their second visit left me feel even more appreciative of their approach to life. The arrival of a new child is a tumultuous time for many; there are new routines to try to forge, new sensations, less sleep, more work… And yet, they seemed very at peace with what was happening with them and to them. The peace that seems to surround them must have spread to their daughter as well – she was a perfect little model throughout her session and, despite numerous setting changes, she just kept working with me to get some beautiful shots.