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It’s been quite a few months (almost 7, to be precise) since this little darling was last in front of the lights. You may remember from his first blog appearance that this little guy was given the nickname Cletus (the Fetus), but I assure you, his parents weren’t so cruel as to name him Cletus. His aunt was, though. 🙂

At any rate, he’s considerably more expressive – not to mention mobile – these days, which made for a very entertaining little session. My plan had been to ‘borrow’ him just for a few photos while I still have a captive subject (he’s within a couple of weeks, if not days of starting to crawl), but once he got that ball of yarn, there was no way we were calling it quits. Who knew that a bit of wool could be SO entertaining? Not sure which one of us was more amused, but we certainly had a great time together.

Hope these put a smile on your face today!