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Kent and Kristina’s wedding was an exceptional one for several reasons, a key one being that Kent grew up in Cornwall, but Kristina has no other connection with the city, making the fact that they found me last summer (having only been in business for less than 2 months) more than a little surprising.

Their arts background meant that they had plenty of friends to rely on for the majority of their photos. As such, they booked me for a short period to do the ceremony and formal shots. I only had 3 hours with this group, so was determined to make the most of our short time together. Little did I know, this short little gig was going to make up in fun for what it lacked in length…

When I met with the couple the evening before the wedding to go over a few final details, I knew I was in for a good time. They are such a relaxed pair that their rehearsal felt more like a gathering of friends than a mission to figure out what would be happening the following day. A little comment by Kristina regarding not caring about the dress getting dirty meant I was given carte blanche with the shots the next day.

This wedding was the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of autumn: beautiful colours in the bouquets, big smiles, and the rain that had threatened to dump on our heads held off for almost the entire day. The fact that the bride and groom were game for anything also meant that we had them sliding down slippery hills, lying on the floor, facing the potential of falling in a fountain, and generally challenging the limits of a (stunning) mermaid-cut gown.

Kent and Kristina, if the rest of your marriage is anywhere near as fun as this shoot, you’re in for one awesome ride together! Enjoy.