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What a family! The Walkers joined me one Sunday morning in late September for some fun and games in one of downtown Cornwall’s prettiest spaces. I was tasked with doing some family photos and also getting some shots of the girls.

Well, mission accomplished.

At four and seven years old, these two little girls were SO MUCH FUN! They also taught me something that I perhaps needed reminding of: when allowing time for ‘play’ in a session, take what you think you’ll need and double it. And then maybe double it again, just to be sure. They LOVED the grass. And the hill. And the rocks by the creek. And the water – as long as it wasn’t where it was gushing out of the culvert. At any minor lull in the action (even if I was just adjusting a camera setting), one would inevitably pipe up with a utterly-adorably-cute “Ang, can we run in the grass?” How can you say anything but “yes”??

One of my favourite parts of going through this session was looking at several shots of the youngest one when she got tangled in the reeds, which brings me to lesson #2: When you’re three years old, reeds pose quite a challenge. They’re about twice as tall as you and they DON’T bend like grass does. So she got a little tangled in a couple of instances and the results had me in stitches. Don’t worry, though – no little people were harmed in the making of these images.