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Last Thursday was an interesting day. Bad news on the home front meant that I was a little distracted and not having the best day. Fortunately for me, I had the pleasure of working with Matt and Ashley that afternoon, which would, in any case, force me to forget my woes for an hour or so. But in this case, it meant we were able to spend an hour laughing and hanging out in some seemingly-unnatural-yet-somehow-perfect places, while I was reminded of how much I love my work. 🙂 I could probably do a full post on how we as photographers end up choosing some slightly unusual and/or disjointed locations at which to do our jobs, but hey – at least these places help to create some memorable shots.

Matt and Ashley make for interesting clients. By the time I see them at their wedding, it will be the third time I’ve worked with them and the second time I’ll have met each of their families. It’s the best way to work – and the family photos we did together a couple of weeks ago made for an awesome trial run for M&A’s wedding next summer. This pair is super fun to work with; they love to goof around (ahem, Matt), look incredibly natural together in front of the camera, and have particularly expressive faces (ahem, Ashley reacting to Matt tilting off the rails). It was a treat to be able to take them to one of my favourite yet-to-be-used spots in town and then to the tracks for what have turned out to be some fun/romantic/cute shots prior to their travel-themed wedding next summer. I could have shared just about any one of their 89 (!!) proofs, but had to choose just a few, so here are the ones the made the cut.

Here are a few shots from our time together. Enjoy!