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Sasha and Phantome live in the same house (Phantome can be spotted in some of these images), so when I came to do photos with one set of owners, it made for the perfect opportunity for me to work with Sue and Sasha as well. We had the perfect afternoon – golden sunlight, crisp fresh air and a beautiful setting.


The showbiz rule of never working with children or animals certainly doesn’t apply to photographers. I spend most of my days working with kids and, in the case of this particular shoot, the better part of an evening working with dogs, one of whom was keen to do some exploring. Sue has a gorgeous  – if astoundingly energetic – black lab who is ALWAYS happy to see anyone. Her feet were on the go pretty regularly, but it’s hard to think of her as anything other than precious, despite her happy feet.


We had fun working together to get shots of the two of them hanging out together (while trying to get Sasha to ignore noises that could signal the arrival of new friends).


Here are some of the results…