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One of the interesting aspects of my job is working with children who may or may not be interested in working with me. I approached a session with Ryder‘s family with a certain amount of caution, knowing that his older brother approaches ME with a certain amount of caution when I coach trampoline. Apparently, that caution applies only to trampoline because, 5 minutes after this shoot started, he was about as reserved as Uncle Jim after a few too many egg nogs.

Mom and Dad must’ve stocked up their patience reserves, because they were great about letting us take off for little walks around the shore between getting in a few family shots. We explored, we went down slides, we hid, we ‘sailed’, we went for a walk along the shoreline, we tried to get things off the shoreline and into the water (including ourselves)… Cole was DEFINITELY running this show, right down to deciding where to take some of the photos, but it was awesome to see him get excited about the location and take an interest in his surroundings. The only trick was convincing him to stand still for more than 5 seconds at a time… 🙂 He managed it though, all with a smile on his face.

Here are some of their shots.