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In the last little while, I have started getting requests from professionals for headshots, so thought I’d share a few of the results.


In some cases, like with Nancy Galway (owner of Snow Angels Sanctuary), a new professional role means there’s a need for a new photo for the purposes of marketing and promotion. In the case of Dr Chelsea Grant, ND, it’s a matter of getting started. Chelsea is a recent graduate in naturopathic medicine and has joined the Cornwall Naturopathic Clinic as a health practitioner. In the case of Allison Carriere, RMT, it wasn’t a new role or recent graduation, but a need to promote her services at Hands on Health that brought her in for portraits.


Regardless of the reason for needing the photos, professional portraits add style to your business marketing. It sends a clear message to prospective clients: you know what you’re doing and you take the time to make sure you present yourself properly.


If you’re interested in getting headshots done, talk to your local photographers about what image you’re wanting to present and what ideas they might have for you. You don’t have to stick with classic poses; some jobs require them, others give you lots of flexibility to do something different and I’m sure your photographer would love the challenge.