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This session was a bit of a blast from the past. Tricia and I grew up together – through kindergarten, past Gr 8 graduation and then we passed each other occasionally in the hallowed halls of our high school – so it was neat to have her and her hubby in for a visit to do some maternity photos. We had a good laugh, partly at Mike’s expense, but he was a good sport and stuck it out – even made a good assistant when the time came!

Barely a week later and much to my (and certainly their) surprise, Trish and Mike welcomed their son into the world, slightly earlier than expected and nearly on the eve of my trip to London. We got together upon my return for some newborn shots of her AMAZINGLY tiny son. Weighing in at under 6lbs, he’s certainly a front-runner for the title of ‘smallest baby in the studio’. What a treat!

Some of you may recognize some seating from a former local hockey institution, salvaged by my dad when they tore the arena down. Given that Tricia grew up playing hockey at Cornwall rinks, I figured this was the perfect time to put them to use. 🙂