About Ang Waterton

I am Ang: a Cornwall, Ontario-based photographer and owner of Moment.us Photography – a local business offering wedding, maternity, infant and family portraiture in-studio or on-location.

I am a lover of travel (especially Africa), photography (especially black and white), reading (especially suspense  and historical fiction), cooking (especially Asian), and dancing (ESPECIALLY on tables). I have eaten my way through Vietnam, climbed Kilimanjaro, been called off a bus by border guards in Bosnia, picked watermelons in Darwin, Australia and am always ready for the next adventure.

Having moved back to Canada and, more specifically, to my hometown in April 2011, I am also a staunch supporter of small businesses. Small business ownership is a whole different kind of adventure – scary, exciting, nerve-wracking – and they keep our towns alive and prosperous. The clothing props (diaper covers, tutus, headbands, cocoons and that ever-popular hammock) are all handmade by local women. If you’d like to know more about them, look for Little Miss Headbands and Emma & Maddie’s Treasures on Facebook or Etsy.

I have been flying solo since April 2011, while my husband continues to work in London (UK) to help support my burgeoning business. On New Year’s Eve, business will be officially closed for 4 months (bookings for May 2012 onwards still accepted by email at ang@momentusstudio.com, though!) while Rich and I travel together and get used to having each other around full-time after almost 2 years apart. We’ve got big plans for a trip that will include a quick stop in Melbourne, then it’s on to New Zealand, Borneo, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. I will be posting throughout the trip, so if you aren’t currently following my blog, certainly consider it before year-end.


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