Timing and What Happens After Your Session

For those of you wondering about timing, here are the basics:

  • There is no timer, but I know roughly how long the shoots usually take. I will not end a shoot just because ‘time’s up’. I’ll shoot until I’m confident that we’ve captured what we set out to do.
  • For maternity shoots, allow 1-1.5 hrs
  • For newborns allow 2.5-3 hrs (or until the baby calls an end to the session)
  • Family photos that involve young children will not take more than 1.5 hrs because I know that young children get restless quickly.


Your session has finished, we’ve all had fun….now what? Here’s what’s happening:

  • I get all your images onto the computer and go through them to remove the blinks, blurs, and weird faces that inevitably occur.
  • I do basic edits to the remaining photos
  • I do a few full edits to show you what can be done
  • You come by the studio to pick your favourites
  • I do full edits of these in the sizes requested and send you watermarked proofs for you to share with whoever you want
  • You confirm the order
  • I send it off to the lab and inform you when the photos have arrived
  • You pick them up and leave smiling!

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