The Blooper Reel


I’m Not Quite Ready For My Close-Up, Mr DeMille…. (Cornwall Baby Portraiture Bloopers)

02 Apr 2012

Mom? Is that you?

It’s almost a year to the day since I moved home and began pursuing my new career as a photographer. It has been exciting, challenging, enlightening, sometimes frustrating, often entertaining…. The list of adjectives could go on.  In order to celebrate the end of Year 1, I thought I’d look back on some photos from the archives and could think of no better place to look than at the kids.

I have a blast when babies come in to the studio or when we do on-location work. I always have a plan for the shoot, but have yet to meet a child who has any interest in going along with Plan A – or B, or C…. They keep me on my toes, but the results are always worth the expended energy. Children have incredibly expressive faces – so much so that the difference between “Oh my goodness, that’s adorable” and “Oh my goodness, that’s hilarious” can be a fraction of a second. I thought I’d post some of my personal favourite ‘Baby Bloopers’: pictures that are too cute not to share but that usually aren’t the first image of the bunch to get ordered.

I’ve put my own captions underneath the images, but please feel free to leave your comments with your own caption suggestions! *As my own little disclaimer, these photos are fully unedited shots – please pay no attention to the image quality. :)

– This modelling malarkey takes a lot of concentration!
– He may be the big man on campus, but his hat’s a little small…

– Sometimes life gets so exciting that you can’t help but chew on your hand.

– Doin’ the wave… 9 month old-style.
– My name is Trouble, with a capital T.

– You guys go on without me. I’m just going to have a little rest.

– Hmmm…. Every baby has their cue that the shoot is done. Apparently, this one is a little less subtle.

– Mmmmmm…… Tuuuuulllllle……

– (cue grunting) This might lead to trouble!

– Photo shoots run into trouble when the subjects start eating the props. (Next shot after this one was of the baby spitting the flower petals back out – apparently they don’t taste so good…)

– Bunny, when I finally figure out how to get over there, you’re MINE!

– How about this face? Is this one pretty?



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