…Reflecting Back on Getting Started

The Baby Project

28 Sep 2011

My ‘baby project’ was probably one of very few such projects whose main goal didn’t involve me being pregnant. Nope, my project was what helped me get started in studio photography.  I’m working on updating my website in the coming week and, as such, have been reflecting on the photos used, particularly in the maternity and infant galleries.

One of the joys of my job is being able to share, in some small way, the excitement that comes with expecting.  I have photographed a number of expectant mothers who represented the full spectrum of pregnancy—from mothers who conceived naturally and easily to those who struggled through IVF. One particularly memorable infant portrait session was with a little boy who was the family’s “miracle baby”, conceived when the parents, who had given up on the hopes of ever conceiving after enduring five rounds of IVF treatments, used the money for a holiday instead and gleefully received an eight pound reminder of that vacation 40 weeks later.  When I get to work with pregnant women or young children who have come from such exceptional circumstances, it’s hard not to get excited about my job.

One couple whose photos continue to make me smile is the couple who helped me get started in studio portraiture. When we started our ‘baby project’, I was new to the studio, trying to piece together what I’d learned in class in order to turn it into something that I could consider my own ‘style’, and they were very excited to finally be preparing to welcome a little one into the world. Our project was to document her pregnancy, getting together every four weeks or so for a chat, some photos (while our husbands watched sports) and a few laughs—especially during the first few awkward shoots when neither of us were too sure what we were doing! Working with these two made the transition into studio work so much less intimidating; we all knew we were newbies, so it was easy to get feedback about what was working and what wasn’t. As a result, my colleague became a good friend and his wife, a virtual stranger on the day we started, became someone I eagerly anticipated catching up with each time we got together.

Now, when I look through my albums and see their faces repeated through a number of photos, I stop worrying that people might wonder why there are so many photos of one couple and instead think about how essential those photos are and what Moment.us is because of them. When you’re starting a new business, it’s always great to have a visual reminder of who helped you out when you needed it most. What better reminder than one of a beautiful little girl?

This is one of my favourite reminders :)If you want to check out the ‘before’ of my website, feel free to visit me at http://www.momentusstudio.com and drop me a line to let me know what you think!


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