Silk Stockings Productions

Silk Stockings Productions is the brainchild of three women: Janet St Pierre, Amanda Marini-Rohde…and me.

Each specialists in our own field, we have teamed up to offer something new to the Cornwall/SD&G area: a Girls’ Night that gives women the chance to dance, laugh, pose, and chat about what’s happening in their lives – in and out of the bedroom.

Each event, whether it’s hosted in your own home (Girls’ Night In) or in an agreed-upon location in town (Girls’ Night Out), is comprised of three exciting parts:

-Burlesque with Amanda – Start the evening with a little dancing to get you loosened up and laughing. You may find that you leave with a little routine that you can’t wait to show off at home.

-Boudoir with me – Step under the lights for a boudoir mini session. You can be wearing as many – or as few – layers as you like for your boudoir shots. ‘Less is more’ doesn’t have to apply here, so go with whatever makes you comfortable!

-Toy talk with Janet – Join Janet for a chat and a browse through things that might tickle YOUR fancy (yikes!).

Each party will start with Amanda and then women will have their choice of time slots with me in the studio. When not working with me, they are encouraged to spend some time with Janet and enjoy the evening with friends. Have a drink, share a laugh, eat some nibbles… It’s a party – enjoy it!

This event is an easy way to get your girlfriends together for a night of fun and laughs without having to spend a fortune. Know someone with a good sized rec room? Get them to host! Have everyone bring some wine and nibbles, let us in to get set up and we’re good to go. Don’t know anyone with enough space for your group? No problem! Give us a call and we’ll help get a location booked.

Think affordable bachelorette (without having to head to Montreal!), fun 40s birthday bash, memorable way to ring in your 50s… Or do it just because you’ve been looking for a reason to get together (and you’ve already hosted a Party Lite party or two)! 🙂


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