Who We Are

Amanda Marini-Rohde is an accomplished dance instructor with training in the Nia technique. As part of our Girls’ Nights, she will be running a 30-min burlesque dance class. It’s the perfect way for women to try something new without feeling that they need to commit to a full hour class – a taste-test, if you will. She’ll be running party-goers through a short sequence intended to make them look and feel sexy without being intimidating. Her friendly, easy-going nature helps put dancers (and non-dancers!) at ease so that you get loosened up and feel comfortable with the new moves.

Janet St Pierre is the owner of Tickle Your Fancy, and does couples (and singles) consultations to help you find what you need to keep your love life and relationships interesting and fulfilling. As a part of the evening, she will be giving presentations that introduce party-goers to products that might be of interest, as well as being on hand to make suggestions to help spice things up or discuss any questions you may have. Her laid-back-yet-professional approach to what she does so well will make you feel like you’ve left with a new friend – who just happens to know a few neat tricks!

I will be running the boudoir portion of the evening and will bring my lights and a couple of backdrops with me so that we can get set up in a portable professional studio. Each woman will spend some time with me, discussing what makes her feel sexy and attractive. We’ll work on capturing you at your most alluring, whether you choose to stay fully clothed or less so. We’re working against the ‘glamour shots’ trend that was so popular in the 90s; leave the satin gloves and boas behind – unless that’s the way you roll. Think suggestive, rather than bawdy and you’re on the right track! If you’re looking for inspiration, I encourage you to head to Pinterest, where there are boards aplenty for boudoir and other sexy takes on photography. When in doubt, drop me an email and we can discuss your ideas!


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