Dan & Taylor (and why I love weddings)


22 Mar 2012


I LOVE weddings. You watch two people commit to spending their lives together; you eat; you listen to funny/sappy/entertaining/groan-worthy speeches about each of the pair; you dance like a person possessed; and, if you’re like some people I know, you drink your face off (sometimes that part comes before AND after the dancing…).

I love that two people are able to invite everyone who has some special meaning to them to celebrate love; I love that people get to kick back and have fun; I love the unpredictable nature of the event – what may or may not happen; I love the sense of anticipation that comes with weddings; and, most of all, I love having visual reminders of what was happening that day and night. What’s not to love?

So why the hate? Well, as a photographer, there’s a huge amount of pressure to deliver the goods and that kind of pressure can be daunting. I know many photographers who steadfastly refuse to shoot weddings. Why? Well, when you think about it, it’s pretty simple: if you mess up, you could potentially ruin memories of the happiest day of two people’s lives. No pressure.

Going to bed the night before the wedding brings back memories of going to bed the night before the first day of school each year when I was teaching. There’s that sense of positive anxiety, that “I-have-to-get-this-right-because-I-only-do-this-once-with-this-group” feeling. Come morning, there’s no time to stand around and consider what to do next; there’s a plan ready to be followed, but I still have to be prepared to chuck it out the window because something changes. Then comes the rollercoaster ride of looking through the shots later and figuring out whether I lived up to my own expectations, which are invariably higher than those of the couple. The problem with weddings is simply learning to deal with the pressure. Once that can be taken in stride, the night is just one big party. :)

Don’t get me wrong, though. I will be a wedding lover for my whole life. When I get to take part in stuff like this, how could I not be? Here’s a little peek at some of the shots from Taylor and Dan’s winter wedding (what a FANTASTIC night!) – kudos to the girls for bravely stepping out into the February night in their dresses! :

Lovin' that Grandma and Uncle got in on the prop box action!


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