Trash the Dress Shoots

“She’s going to…WHAT?!” That’s the reaction I’ve heard most often when discussing the ‘trash the dress’ photography trend. However, it’s also usually followed up by “That’s so cool,” and looks that fall somewhere between envy, horror and excitement.

A few weeks ago, I joined Angie and Mitch in Ormstown, QC for a fun-filled trash the dress shoot. There was farm equipment, a boat, a few benches, old tires, curious calves (yes, the animal) and quite a few laughs.

-Add props into the equation and it’s anyone’s guess what will happen.

We discussed ideas beforehand and I sent the newly married couple a list of props (rubber boots, shotgun, cowboy boots, old chair, etc) that could be useful if they wanted them. Giving the list of props to my client means that they have control over what they’d like to include and there’s none of those awkward “How about we try this?” conversations that involved uncomfortable poses and awkward expressions; they’ve already thought about the props, they know which ones they’re going to use and they’re ready for it when it’s time to break out the shotgun. Although, it would’ve been helpful to know that their friend was actually going to fire it when I wasn’t looking… 🙂

-A new take on classic art?

There are so many reasons for to go for a dress trash, but I thought I’d jot down a few in case you’re in need of an excuse to get into your gown.

1) You didn’t LOVE your wedding photos. A dress trash could easily start as ‘wedding photos – take II’. Go get your hair and makeup done as a way of spoiling yourself (or do it yourself and keep the budget small), then get all glammed up in your dress again so that you can get some new shots of you and your hubby looking awesome. And let it deteriorate into a bit of mess from there… 🙂

2) You want to do something less traditional/reserved/formal/clean. ‘Trash the dress’ can be casual; it can be glamorous; it can be flippant and flirty; it can be gritty and sexy. It can be whatever you want it to be since you’re not trying to keep our dress immaculate for the reception later on.

-Technically logged as boudoir, there’s no rule saying that this couldn’t be done as part of a dress trash.
-Highlighting the purpose of the shoot…

3) You’re not keeping the dress. Not everyone has sentimental attachment to their wedding dress. If you have no interest in storing your dress, why not do something with it that will give you lasting memories – and an excuse to throw it away (or at least have it dry cleaned) afterwards?

4) You’ll soon be having kids and don’t expect to fit into the dress again anytime soon. Why not celebrate your figure as it is now with some gorgeous photos? Chances are, you’ve seen photos since your wedding day that you love and wish you had done. So do them!

-Not much dirt involved, but this pair got married on a beach and missed out on the grassy shots!

5) The flip side of #4: You’ve had kids and your dress sill fits. You’re amazing! Have some fun to celebrate this remarkable achievement.

Think you can live with these? Search for a photographer in your area and get talking!

-This gorgeous example from Justine Miller Photography shows how sexy a ‘trash the dress’ shoot can be.

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